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Spotlight on a Rapper

Music Videos

Music videos are one of the most enjoyable works. It is making what we love, related to music, that we love. We are the best option when it comes to music videos, they tend to be expensive, but we are not... and the best part? We don't risk quality. We deliver a professional and beautiful-looking music video at a competitive price you won't find in another production company. And, we are the connection between your idea and an amazing video, so there is nothing more to think about, let's produce!


Radio - TAD30

TAD30 came to us with the idea of making his music video for "Radio". He already had an idea of what he wanted so we used that as a started point.

After a week of pre-production, we came up with great ideas and added our magic to the video.


We shot everything o just one day and the whole production (taking into account pre-production and post-production) took less than a month.

TAD30 - RADIO (Video Oficial) Capítulo 1

TAD30 - RADIO (Video Oficial) Capítulo 1

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